Sir Walter Buffalo Grass – Ideal for the Illawarra

Are you dreaming of a luxurious soft green lawn that can tolerate the harsh summers of the Illawarra? Sir Walter might just be the answer to your perfect lawn.


Sir Walter can handle local weather conditions

DNA Sir Walter is the perfect solution for lawns in the Illawarra. Bred here in Australia, Sir Walter is ideal for coastal areas of New South Wales like Sydney and Wollongong, but also works well in Camden and the Southern Highlands. It can tolerate a range of conditions – from full sun to shade, extreme heat and drought, and even frost.

This buffalo grass repels weeds and repairs itself

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is lush and green and has a tight habit that holds out most weeds. Sir Walter actually has the ability to repair itself. Sir Walter Buffalo is the only Australian soft leaf Buffalo grass.

The best Sir Walter Turf is certified by AusGAP and has a 10 year warranty

sir-walter-dna-certified-logo-300x273DNA Sir Walter Turf is certified by AusGAP, the Australian Turf Accreditation Program, the provides turf buyers with assurance that the turf you are buying meets the highest standards. When you purchase DNA sir Walter Turf you receive a 10-year product warranty – the only warranty of its kind in the Australian turf industry.

With DNA Certified Sir Walter you know you are getting the grass you ordered!

For the Illawarra, it is hard to go past Australia’s only soft soft leaf Buffalo grass. Give it a go – you’ll be thankful you did!


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