Sir Walter can tolerate Australia’s harsh conditions

I love a sunburnt country,” Dorothea Mackeller famously wrote. However many of the plants in our gardens struggle to deal with the scorching heat of Australia in summer. February 2017 has seen record temperatures around Australia —especially in Sydney— and it is important that we pick our landscaping materials carefully.

Sir Walter can stand the heat


DNA Certified Sir Walter turf can tolerate a myriad of weather conditions — including extreme and drought.

Sir Walter’s roots grow deep into the subsoil gathering the moisture. Not only can Sir Walter can survive extremely hot days, it can also reduce the heat generated from the sun by up to 10 degrees celsius around your home.

Sir Walter is not just sturdy, it is also a very attractive lawn for all the seasons. It grows well in sun, shade and part shade, and can stand up to just about anything the Australian weather throws at it.

Created in Australia for Australian conditions


Sir Walter turf was created here in Australia, specifically designed to tolerate the extreme weather conditions of Australia. Sir Walter was created in 1996 by Brent Redman of the Hunter Valley and saw the introduction of a grass that was more resilient to disease, pests and fungus than other grasses.

With it’s hard-wearing but beautiful soft leafed buffalo grass, it’s no wonder Sir Walter is Australia’s number choice!

Why have a brown lawn during summer when a lush green, drought-tolerant lawn like Sir Walter Buffalo can make you the envy of your street?


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