Cool Down with Sir Walter Turf For Your Sydney Lawn

We all know that Sydney can get extremely hot in summer but did you know that the materials you use to landscape your property can impact just how much you feel the heat?


Cool down with Sir Walter

Australian bred Sir Walter Turf can help keep your Sydney home cool. In midsummer Sir Walter will keep the temperature down by:

  • 10 degrees celsius cooler compared to bare soil;
  • 20 degrees celsius cooler compared to asphalt concrete or pebble mulch; and
  • 40 degrees celsius cooler than dry synthetic turfs.

The average front lawn has a cooling effect of 8.75 tonnes of air conditioning without the power use and negative impact on the environment associated with air conditioning units. Natural turf won’t increase carbon dioxide omissions, in fact Sir Walter Turf will help purify your air, reduce your carbon footprint and improve the look and feel of your home.

So when it comes to making sure you or your landscape clients keep cool in the hot Australian sun, consider the materials you work into your design – Sir Walter Turf can make a huge difference!

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