Sir Walter Buffalo for Sydney

It is important when selecting a turf for your Sydney home that it suits the local temperateSydney climate and supports your lifestyle. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons Sir Walter Turf is ideal for Sydney lawns and Sydney homes.

  1. Sir Walter Buffalo is Australia’s number #1 best selling buffalo lawn.
  2. Sir Walter Turf will deal with everything the Sydney weather will throw at it. Including:
    • Frost
    • Drought
    • Shade and part-shade
    • Sun
    • Extreme heat
  3. Sir Walter Grass will help support you and your family’s Sydney lifestyle.
    • It can handle foot traffic, kids, pets and sports; and will actually grow quickly enough to repair itself and force out annoying weeds!
    • Sir Walter Buffalo is a low-allergy buffalo grass that will not having you sneezing and wheezing.
    • Sir Walter Turf makes a luxurious soft grass to have underfoot and is a perfect setting for barbecues and entertaining outside
  4. A quality lawn such as Sir Walter Buffalo may even contribute to the value of your home – and Sydney’s home prices are very competitive, so it may be just the thing to differentiate your home (should you choose to sell it) from other similar properties.

Make you sure you don’t accept substitutes. Use Sir Walter Buffalo lawn for your Sydney home today!


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