4 Vital Things to Remember in Turf Laying

Laying turf, instead of sowing grass seed gets you immediate results. This strategy could costs more than seed, however, if you want your lawn looking great and ready for those backyard picnics and barbecues, then turf laying is only reliable option. Sowing seed takes months and often results in patchy substandard results. Laying turf creates the ideal lawn which will be ready for outdoor activities within a few weeks.

You need to think about proper preparation before starting with your backyard project. Reputable Turf laying contractors can do this for you or provide you with the right advice so you’ll be sure to get a handsome yard that can withstand the rigors of regular use. Listed here are four things you should be thinking about with regards to laying turf.

1. The variety of the turf – Each and every turf variety is different, even if they might look alike from your distance. A proper evaluation based on your situation and needs can result in different textures, colours and performance in various weather conditions. Is it to be grown in sun or shade? Do you have a lot of water available in your area? How hot does it get where you live? What is the soil like? Each turf variety has a different look, feel and growth rate, so it will certainly impact your overall satisfaction.

Therefore, it is vital that you select well the variety which goes together with your preferences, situation and also the purpose of your lawn. For instance, some more expensive turf options are much more shade tolerant overall while cheaper turf varieties are ideal for only sunny situations. Similarly, other turf types might be more drought-tolerant, weed-resistant or tougher under wear compared to other varieties.

2. Deciding the best turf laying service, or whether you’ll do it yourself – To get the best return on your investment, it’s important that you choose the best turf laying service from someone you can trust to do the job right, and to provide you with the best quality turf. Hire accredited specialists in turf growing and turf laying to make sure that your lawn is going to be produced properly to top standards of genetic purity and the job will be done in the time you need it to be.

In addition, you might want a service provider which will provide you with an additional guarantee that the turf will perform, and that the installation will be done correctly.

Alternatively you can lay the turf yourself and your turf supplier should be able to provide you with guidance and step-by-step instructions to do it right.

3. Setting a plan for turf laying – You will need to ensure your yard is prepared and ready for your turf. If you’re using a turf installation service, then you will need to at least ensure that you have killed off any existing grass, weeds and vegetation prior to the day of laying. Poisoning your old lawn should be done a few weeks ahead of time.

If you are doing it yourself, then you will need to ensure you have the removed any top layer of old weeds and grass, and prepared the soil, ready for the new turf to be laid on top.

Turf can be laid at any time of year, however, the ideal months are spring and autumn, when the conditions are not too harsh and there is enough light to ensure the lawn can get well established quickly. Turf laying can be done in summer too, however because turf requires a lot of watering when it is being established, keeping the new turf from drying out can require a lot of water during summer.

4. Right after laying – Finally, you will need to devise an aftercare plan. Even though you have selected the best selection of turf, hired the best service, it doesn’t imply that you are able to relax until it is established. There is no point to having a beautiful lawn installed to then find that it dies due to a lack of water in the first few weeks. It’s critical that the lawn gets a regular deep soaking while the roots get established into their new environment.

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